At Pretty Wild Pets we strive for sustainable manufacturing with the aim of minimising the negative impact of manufacturing on the environment and society while maintaining economic viability.

We use our resources efficiently, reducing waste and pollution, and implementing environmentally-friendly practices throughout the manufacturing process. Sustainable manufacturing also takes into account the social and economic impacts of production, such as worker safety and fair labor practices.

Our factories use two main sources of energy, steam generation and solar panels.

  • Steam Generation is an environmentally safe way to deliver sustainable heat generating technology.  Our steam is provided through a direct pipeline from the local power supply.
  • Solar panels are a source of renewable energy. They are powered by the heat and light of the sun, a resource that will never run out.

Sustainably caught fish – our fish suppliers are certified with MSC – the Marine Stewardship Council.  We proudly display our MSC logo to give you peace of mind that our supply chain is not overfishing the oceans and will not deplete the oceans of endangered species.  You can learn more about MSC via their web site:

Free range chickens – our suppliers use farming methods which allow chickens to walk freely within an area. They are free roaming on the range, which means they are not caged, and have access to roam in large well-fenced areas outside.

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